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Variety of Temperature Control Systems

MPTC-511 Peltier thermostatted 6-position automatic rectangular cell changer

The MPTC-511 is a Peltier thermostatted 6-position cell changer that permits temperature control using the temperature control program. It allows the measurement of the change in CD and absorption of six samples with while changing the temperature.  Magnetic stirrer is provided to eliminate thermal gradients with temperature sensor provided for direct measurement of solution temperature in the cell.
For cooling Peliter element, the water circulator is required.

Accurate and repeatable temperature control of the sample is a crucial need for any spectrometer system and even more important with CD due to the heavy use in measurement of biomolecules. JASCO offers a range of temperature control systems to meet any need including:

  • Single position Peltier based systems
  • Multi-cell Peltier systems
  • Circulator bath based systems

Each of these systems is capable of both temperature scan at fixed wavelengths as well as automated wavelength scans at different temperatures using temperature/wavelength scan program. Thermal ramping data can be analyzed for functions such as Tm, ΔH and ΔS. The temperature/wavelength scan program will produce a 3D data file of CD vs. Wavelength vs. Temperature which can be rotated to view from any angle as well as projected as a contour plot. 2D data files of either wavelength scans at different temperatures or thermal ramps at different wavelengths can be easily extracted from the 3D data set.

Single Position Peltier Cell Holder

The model PTC-514 is a single position Peltier thermostatted cell holder for rectangular cells with a maximum light path length of 10 mm, which enables temperature control using the temperature control program. It controls the sample temperature to measure the CD spectrum with change in temperature.

  • Temperature setting range of -10 to +110°C
  • Temperature probe placed in cell or adjacent to cell
  • Rectangular cell with a maximum light path length of 10 mm
  • Magnetic stirrer to eliminate thermal gradients

Temperature - Wavelength Scan Program
The ability to measure CD spectra while controlling the temperature of a sample offers important information about conformational change associated with temperature and is used in the study of biopolymers. The temperature control program measures the thermal denaturation curve (temperature scan) and CD spectra during temperature change based on user selected parameters. Optional thermal denaturation analysis program determines transition temperatures and thermodynamic parameters such as Tm, ΔH and ΔS from temperature scans. 

Single Peltier Cell Holder with Fluorescence Capability


The PTC-510/517 is identical in function to the PTC-514 with the addition of a 90˚ port to allow simultaneous detection of Total Fluorescence, Scanning Emission Fluorescence as well as Fluorescence Detected CD. Total Fluorescence utilizes filters on the emission side or an emission monochromator can be added to allow spectral emission scans.

In addition to conventional Fluorescence Measurement the PTC-510/517 allows measurement of Fluorescence Detected CD. FDCD is the difference in Fluorescence when alternately exciting with right and left hand circularly polarized light.

A polarizer is optional to remove artifacts coming from fluorescence anisotropy in protein measurements.






Multiple Position Peltier Cell Holder for Simultaneous CD and Fluorescence Detection

Six Position Peltier Temperature Control System

This 6-position turret cell holder enables simultaneous CD and Fluorescence measurement with Peltier temperature control. Compatible with either fixed wavelength temperature ramping or automated wavelength scanning at different temperatures the system allows for multi-dimensional data acquisition and analysis. Six cell positions maximize sample throughput and productivity.

  • Temperature and cell position can be controlled through the PC from -10°C to +110°C
  • A temperature sensor probe can be immersed into each cell, enabling dynamic temperature monitoring of each sample.
  • A magnetic stirrer is provided for each position for temperature homogeneity.
  • Simultaneous CD and total fluorescence detection can be carried out under temperature-wavelength scan or temperature-fixed wavelength scan
  • Spectral scanning of Fluorescence is available by adding the Model FMO-522 Emission Monochromator.

Simultaneous CD and Fluorescence Detection of Melting Curves on Up to Six Cells
Either Excitation or Emission scans of the Fluorescence data can be acquired. A temperature sensor probe can be immersed into each cell, enabling dynamic temperature monitoring of each sample. A three dimensional view of CD vs. Temperature vs. Wavelength or Fluorescence vs. Temperature vs. Wavelength can be viewed.

Thermal Denaturation Analysis for Protein-Ligand Complex
Some proteins are associated with a ligand as a protein-ligand complex, changing the protein thermostability. All JASCO peltier units are suitable to analyze protein thermal denaturation in the presence of several concentrations of ligand.

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