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Magnets And Cryostats

The CRYS-582/CRYL-583 are the liquid nitrogen cryostat.  The CRYS-582 is the cryostat for solid samples with a temperature range from ambient down to -180 °C and accepts solid samples with up to 10 mm diameter.  The CRYL-583 is the cryostat for liquid samples with a temperature range from ambient down to -150 °C and accepts rectangular cells of up to 5 mm pathlength.  For controlling the sample temperature in the cryostat, the TC-22HK2 Temperature Controller is required and for insulating sample holder unit and liquid nitrogen vessel from ambient, the vacuum pump (G-50D etc.) is required. The CRYS-582/CRYL-583 can be mounted on the sample compartment of the J-1500 and the MCD-581 eletrco-magnet.


MCD is effective for research on electronic states of molecules and atoms obtained through optical activity induced by a magnetic field. Permanent magnet, electromagnets and superconducting magnets are available.

MCD signal intensity is proportional to the magnetic field strength applied, so different types of magnets can be used:

  • Permanent magnets with field up to 1.6 tesla at ambient temperature
  • Electromagnets with field up to 1.5 tesla and low temperature cryostats
  • PM-491 Permanent magnet 1.6 tesla
  • MCD-581Electromagnet 1.5 tesla, water cooled


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