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FT/IR-6000 series

FT/IR-6000 built by optical scientists for use by researchers

If you have a research application, we have the answer! The widest wavelength range and the highest S/N guarantee whatever you are studying, the results will be quicker and more accurate.

The new FT/IR-6000 series (FT/IR-6600, FT/IR-6700 and FT/IR-6800) comprises a top of the line research grade FT-IR instrument series from JASCO. The FT/IR-6000 series attains the highest performance level in its class with exceptional signal-to-noise ratio specifications. All models in the series are designed with flexibility and expandability in mind making them suitable for a wide range of research applications. The FT/IR-6000 series is capable of measuring from the Near IR (15,000 cm-1) to Far IR (50 cm-1). The top of the line FT/IR-6800 is equipped with Gold optical surfaces for FT-Raman and a rapid scan capability. In addition to the rapid scan option for the FT/IR-6600 and FT/IR-6700, Step scan and full-vacuum options are also available for all models in this series.

The working range can be extended to cover NIR to Far-IR applications by switching various optical components such as the light source, beamsplitters and detectors. Various options are available, also with automatic switching of optical elements.

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