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NFS-220/320 Nearfield Spectrometer

The NFS-220/320 Near-field Scanning Optical Micro-photoluminescence spectrometer and is a new kind of micro-spectrometer for observation of photoluminescence/Raman and fluorescence spectra at sub-wavelength high-spatial resolution.

Spectra and spectrally resolved mapped images can be obtained from single semiconductor quantum dots and wires at better than 100nm spatial resolution.

Metals, semiconductors, plastics and biological materials can be examined and sample preparation is unnecessary.

Images can be generated by both topographically (optical contrast and probe feedback) and PL emission spectral mapping from the near-UV to NIR wavelength range. The NFS-220 can actually map a sample within the area of a single micro-Raman confocal laser spot with better than 0.5 cm -1 spectral resolution.

JASCO’s purpose-designed, computer-controlled optics integrate the scanning probe, laser and spectrometer / detector in a complete, stand-alone system. Peltier cooled CCD detector option allows rapid instrument start-up and low running costs with high sensitivity. A wide range of sample environments can be used for in-situ observations. Standard configuration is for room-temperature spectroscopic measurement (NFS-220). For ultra-low temperature (~5K) the NFS-320 is the first commercial helium cryostat equipped NSOM system. The JASCO aperture fiber probe near-field system allows various optical arrangements for illuminating and collecting the light from the sample. Superb quality high-throughput probes with a range of apertures are available as standard. Our probes are reproducible and guaranteed: individual SEM images of the tip can be provided. The NFS probes can be replaced quickly and easily as required. JASCO aperture NSOM probes are also available separately upon request and with short delivery times.

Specifications of NFS-220/320

Optical System

Aperture probe scanning near-field optical micro-spectrometer. Integrated instrument includes probe system, illumination optics (including laser source), single or dual switchable-grating Raman spectrometer with Rayleigh rejection holographic notch-filter and cooled CCD detector. Optical system allows computer (software) switchable illumination, collection, and illumination - collection modes.


JASCO manufactured optical fibre probes produced by chemical etching, with a range of standard tip apertures available. Probes can be supplied with SEM images of the tip region and are warranted to conform to the advertised aperture diameter. The probes can be quickly and easily exchanged when required.

  • Illumination apertures of 100, 200, 300, 400 and 500 nm
  • Other tip styles and apertures available on request
  • JASCO probes are available with or without a tip holder to suit a variety of other SPM instruments

Excitation laser

A variety of laser sources, e.g. diode (785 nm), He-Ne (632.8 nm), Nd-YAG / SHG (532 nm) are used with the NFS system. A 100 mW, green 532 nm laser is standard.

Spectrometer / Detector

The standard detector employs a 300 mm focal length single holographic grating, high-throughput JASCO Raman spectrometer equipped with Rayleigh scattering rejection notch filter and a cooled CCD detector. Dual, software-switchable grating spectrometer available as an option, allowing dual-resolution modes or optimal matching of excitation laser to the grating dispersion. Standard holographic grating for 532 nm excitation has 1,800 gr / mm with other optional gratings available.

Specifications are preliminary and are subject to change without prior notice.

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