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PTC-510 Peltier thermostatted cylindrical/rectangular cell holder

The PTC-510 is a newly designed Peltier thermostatted cell holder that can be also used with the cylindrical cell, in addition to rectangular cell.
The PTC-510 allows to measure high-sensitively FDCD, fluorescence, fluorescence anisotropy, fluorescence depolarization by using with optional emission optical kit and detector.
For cooling Peliter element, the water circulator such as CTU-100 is required.




Model Accessory Name
RSC-502 Standard Cell Holder
JTC-504 Water Thermostatted Cylindrical Cell Holder
HWS-506 Water Thermostatted Rectangular Cell Holder with Stirrer
CFC-574 Couette Cell Holder
PTC-510 Peltier Thermostatted Single Cell Holder
MPTC-511 Automatic 6-Position Peltier Linear Cell Changer
MPTC-513 Automatic 6-Position Peltier Turret Cell Changer
JFLC-515 Peltier Thermostatted Flow Cell Holder
PTC-517 Peltier Thermostatted Single Cell Holder
ORDM-520 ORD Unit
ORDE-521 ORD Unit
FMO-522 Emission Monochromator
SSCD-576 IR Style Sample Holder
FLM-523 Nitrogen Gas Flowmeter (up to 25L/min)
FLMS-526 Nitrogen Gas Flowmeter with Sensor
FLMA-527 PC Control Nitrogen Gas Flowmeter
ATS-530 Automatic Titration Unit
ASU-800 Autosampler
EXPM-531 Extended Wavelength Detector (ExPMT)
EXIG-532 Extended Wavelength Detector (InGaAS)
PML-534 FDCD Detector (PMT)
EXPML-535 FDCD Detector (ExPMT)
EXIGL-536 FDCD Detector (InGaAS)
FDT-538 Emission Detector
PM-539 Standard Detector (PMT)
FDCD-550 FDCD Unit
FDCD-551 FDCD Unit with ellipsoidal mirror
SFS-56X Stopped-Flow Systems
UVD-571 Double Beam UV Unit
HTC-572 Pressure-resistant High Temperature Measurement Unit
DRCD-574 Powder CD Unit (BaSO4)
DRCD-575 Powder CD Unit (Spectralon)
MCD-581 1.6T MCD Unit
CRYS-582 Cryostat for solid
CRYL-583 Cryostat for liquid


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