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Accessories for the V-700 UV-Vis/NIR spectrophotometers

Integrating spheres are designed to measure either the diffuse transmittance or diffuse reflectance spectra of a liquid, solid or powder sample.

ISV-922/ISN-923/ISN-901i/ILV-924/ILN-925/ILN-902i/PIV-756/PIN-757/PIN-903i/IJV-726/IJN-727/IJN-904i/HISV-728/HISN-729 integrating sphere accessories

For standard measurements, UV-Vis or UV-Vis/NIR spectrophotometers measure the transmittance of a homogeneous, transparent liquid or solid sample. However, when a suspended liquid sample or opaque solid or powder sample is measured, the light incident upon the sample is diffusely transmitted or reflected and only a small portion of the scattered light reaches the detector, resulting in an inaccurate measurement. The integrating sphere accessory acquires most of the light diffusely transmitted or diffusely reflected from the sample into the integrating sphere and introduces it to the detector(s), providing a more representative measurement of the diffuse sample. JASCO integrating spheres have been designed for a variety of application and sampling requirements.

  • ISV-922 60 mm Integrating sphere for V-750/760

  • ISN-923 60 mm Integrating sphere for V-770

  • ISN-901i 60 mm Integrating sphere for V-780

The Model ISV-922/ISN-923/ISN-901i accessories are 60 mm integrating spheres with a smaller footprint to fit directly into the V-700 instrument sample compartment. These integrating spheres have a smaller sphere area, resulting in an increased signal-to-noise ratio for sample measurements at smaller bandwidth settings. All integrating spheres include a Spectralon reference tile, used for baseline correction of the integrating sphere. In addition, a specular reflectance exclusion sample holder is included as standard as well as a modified sample holder which will include the specular reflectance data with the collected spectrum. The 60 mm spheres have been designed with several different configurations to provide simple sampling methods for powders, solids and other scattering samples.

FCH-002 Fluorescence cut-off filter

A fluorescence cut-off filter permits accurate measurement of the transmittance/reflectance of a sample that also emits fluorescence (commonly, the 450 nm to 650 nm range with excitation near 300 nm). The optional filter is installed inside the sphere, before the internal sphere PMT detector. (Must be ordered with the integrating sphere, installed during manufacture.)

Summary of V-600 and V-700 Series temperature and non-temperature controlled cell holders


Cell holder   UCB-710   Rectangular cell holder
  LSE-701   Long path cell holder
  FSE-702   4-position long path cell holder
  SSE-704   6-position manual cell holder
  NCP-705   6-position automatic cell changer
  CYH-708   Cyrindrical cell holder
  EMC-709   Micro cell holder
  EMC-759   5 µL Ultra-micro cell holder
  TCH-703   8-position micro turret cell holder


Absolute reflectance measurement for V-700 Series UV-visible and Near infrared NIR spectrophotometers

The absolute reflectance measurement system for the V-700 series UV-visible-NIR spectrophotometers is used to perform the measurement of the spectral properties, film thickness, angle variation or other characteristics of solid samples such as semiconductors, thin films and various optical elements.


The absolute reflectance measurement accessories are designed to measure the absolute reflectance of a specular reflecting sample (metals or other materials) while varying the incidence angle (all models). The ARSV-916, ARSN-917, ARSN-918i, ARMV-919, ARMN-920 and ARMN-921i accessories also permit the transmittance measurement of a sample (without diffuse transmittance), while varying the incidence angle. Absolute reflectance and transmittance are measured by rotating the sample stage to determine the angle of the light incident to the sample and setting the detector in the path of the reflected light or the transmitted light through the sample.

Diffuse reflectance measurements can be obtained by mounting the sample at the rear of the integrating sphere with an incidence angle of 0º. Diffuse transmittance measurements can also be obtained by mounting the sample at the entrance of the integrating sphere with the sample holder at an incidence angle of 0º.

Effect of polarization when measuring absolute reflectance

Light from a spectrophotometer that employs a grating is always polarized. The ratio of the intensities of the S and P polarized light varies according to the wavelength and also differs from one grating to another for the same wavelength. The greater the angle of incidence of the beam on the sample, the greater the difference in the intensity of the S and P polarized reflected light making measurement inaccurate if the absolute reflectance is measured at a high angle of incidence. In this case, a polarizer can be set to 45 degrees so that the incident light can be considered non-polarized.

Range of Absolute Reflectance Measurement Accessories

Manual Measurement

  • ARV-913 Synchronous Absolute reflectance measurement accessory (UV-Vis). For use with V-750 and V-760
  • ARN-914 Synchronous Absolute reflectance measurement accessory (UV-Vis/NIR). For use with V-770 only
  • ARN-915i Synchronous Absolute reflectance measurement accessory (UV-Vis/NIR). For use with V-780 only

Specular Reflectance Accessories

SLM-907 Specular reflectance accessory for V-700

The SLM-907 specular reflectance accessory measures the relative reflectance of a sample in comparison with the reflected light from an aluminum-deposited plane mirror as a reference. This accessory is used for the reflectance measurement of sample types such as: metal-deposited films, metal plating, and other thin films. Film thickness can be calculated using the optional film thickness analysis program.

Specular Reflectance Accessory Specifications


Wavelength range   250 to 1000 nm (V-730 UV/VIS spectrophotometer)
    200 to 900 nm (V-750/760 UV/VIS spectrophotometer)
    200 to 2700 nm (V-770 UV/VIS/NIR spectrophotometer)
    200 to 1600 nm (V-780 UV-Vis/NIR spectrophotometer)
Sample size   Sample
Minimum 10 x 10 mm
Maximum 100 x 120 mm
Minimum 10 x 10 mm
Maximum 20 x 20 mm


STR-707 Water thermostatted cell holder with stirrer

The STR-707 Water thermostatted cell holder with stirrer is used with a temperature controlled circulating water bath (not supplied) to maintain a constant sample and reference cell temperature. The STR-707 accepts standard 10 mm path length cells. A magnetic stirrer is included to maintain temperature equilibrium in both cell positions.

Cell   10-mm cell
Operating temperature   Room temperature plus 10°C to 90°C
Circulating water inlet tube   Uni-tube (⌽6 x ⌽3 mm)



CSP-909 Sample Holder Lid with Syringe Port for V-700 models

The optional CSP-909 lid is used for adding a reagent solution with a syringe without having to open the sample chamber when initiating fast reactions. The syringe port lid can be used together with the STR-707, ETHS-760, ETCS-761 or ETCS-762 cell holders.

Recommended syringe   0507-0220 Micro syringe, 10 µL
  0507-0246 Micro syringe, 100 µL


Precise analysis of micro-volume samples for biological samples

The SAH-769 One Drop is a dedicated accessory for the V-600 and V-700 Series UV-visible spectrophotometers for the measurement of micro-volume samples of protein and nucleic acid. A precise optical pathlength is maintained, assuring excellent measurement reproducibility. The sampling procedure is very quick (around 20 seconds per sample) and easy, by simply placing a droplet of a sample on the disk cell window. The minimum sample volume is 5 µl for the standard 1 mm pathlength disk cell, and 0.6 µL for the optional 0.2 mm pathlength cell. The shorter optical pathlength allows measurements of high concentration samples without dilution.


Rapid, but highly accurate measurement using a flexible V-700 spectrophotometer. Only 20 seconds per sample.

Quantitative analysis of a 0.6 µl sample of calf thymus DNA using a 0.2 mm pathlength disk cell.

Spectra of calf
thymus DNA solutions

Calibration curve of calf thymus DNA

The figure illustrates excellent linearity up to approx.
3000 ng/µL. This is equivalent to a linearity of up
to 35 Abs for a 10 mm pathlength cell.


Part Number   Description  
1103-0181   Rectangular glass cell 10 x 1 Special optical glass with lid
320 -2500 nm
1103-0182   Rectangular glass cell 10 x 2 Special optical glass with lid
320 -2500 nm
1103-0105   Rectangular glass cell 10 x 5 Special optical glass with lid
320 -2500 nm
1103-0104   Rectangular glass cell 10 x 10 Special optical glass with lid 320 -2500 nm
1103-0103   Rectangular glass cell 10 x 20 Special optical glass with lid 320 -2500 nm
1103-0102   Rectangular glass cell 10 x 50 Special optical glass with lid 320 -2500 nm
1103-0101   Rectangular glass cell 10 x 100 Special optical glass with lid 320 -2500 nm



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